encourage, strengthen, and gather the Church in Milwaukee through hosting worship nights and working to build relational bridges through creative Kingdom collaborations.

May MKE Worship continue to have the privilege of displaying the beauty of Jesus. May we facilitate transformative encounters with the living God, unto lives more submitted to Lordship of Jesus, unto a city less divided and segmented and violent and afraid, unto the church in Milwaukee feeling more like kingdom family and less like competing organizations. Father Son and Spirit we submit to you. Build your church. Unify us through our submission to you.

MKE Worship is comprised of disciples of Christ. We live out our calling as instrumentalists, vocalists, writers, designers, artists, producers, videographers, pastors, laypeople, and other creatives from churches and congregations across denominations and areas of the city of Milwaukee. If you are interested in joining this team of creative disciples, visit the Contact page and get in touch with us.