MKE Worship is a collective of Milwaukee worshippers calling believers across Milwaukee to intimacy with Father God in and through worship.


MKE Worship started with a dream of bringing the church in Milwaukee just a little closer together through worship.

There’s much that could divide us, but the family bond that we share is stronger. We’ve been welcomed by a loving father, reclaimed from ruin and despair, and sent out to bring life to a broken world. Only LOVE can save the day, Jesus love has made a way—for a city’s eyes to dry, for a hopeful song to rise.

Over the last year our leadership crew has undergone many personal transitions including new babies, marriage, movement to new cities, different career paths and significant life changes. All these take a toll, but also reveal a fresh landscape of creative opportunities, ministry calling, and personal priorities. As we face forward into these realities, it’s become obvious to us that MKE Worship needs to give way to what God is doing next.

This isn’t a goodbye to the dreams, friendships or collaborative spirit that led to MKE Worship, but this is a time to till the ground and watch the soil for new, green shoots of God’s work in the city. We’re encouraged by many movements of worship, prayer, and unity that we’ve recently seen growing across Milwaukee. Join us in joining them. God has big plans for Milwaukee, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Deepest thanks to all who have dreamed, collaborated, supported, and raised your voices with us. Seriously. Thank you.


Michael Morgan
Grace Lund
Lauren Anderson
Daniel Dauwe
Brooke Dauwe
Elliot Lund

On behalf of MKE Worship